Healthcare Guidance letter, October 2020, by Sheila Penrose

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Doctors and Hospitals – Rush Medical Center, Chicago; David Buyer, M.D. (dbuyer@davidrbuyermd.com), Cell: +1 (847) 651-4326

We would always prefer to get to Rush as a first stop for whatever serious medical needs we have.  We are organ donors.

The following would be our preferences beyond that already spelled out in our wills, trust documents, and various powers of attorney (healthcare, property) which are kept at Witt Law, PC, 77 W. Washington St., Ste. 1014, Chicago IL 60602 and in our Safe Deposit Box at The Northern Trust, 50 S. LaSalle St, Chicago IL 60606.

Sheila A. Penrose & Robert Ernest Mahaffey

Signed: November 5, 2020

Healthcare Powers of Attorney – IL, NY, FL
In all cases, we first act for one another, and exercise each other’s Health Care POAs, then rely on Barbara Gaines to do so. Barbara will have guidance from Rush Medical Center and our doctor, David Buyer, M.D.

We usually wear pendants that show name, date of birth, and website access for executed copies of healthcare POAs.


Healthcare POA – Illinois:

Healthcare POA – NY State:

Healthcare POA – Florida

Our doctor, Dr. David Buyer, in addition to this document, has copies of our health care powers of attorney as does Barbara Gaines, who is authorized to act in the event that we are unable to act for each.

In the event, Barbara Gaines is unable or unwilling to act on our behalf we have designated trusted family members.

Designated family representatives, for successor powers of attorney, also have copies.

The successor to Sheila’s Health Care POA: Johanne Seaton


Current Domiciles – Chicago, Chautauqua, St. Petersburg
65 East Monroe, Apt 4004, Chicago, IL 60603
40 Miller, Chautauqua, NY 14722
316 9th Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Future domicile (s) –

While we are mobile, in command of our faculties, and fully independent, we would prefer to live in our own homes. And while one of us is fully competent, he/she is authorized to make care decisions for the other.

In the event that one (if one of us is pre-deceased) or both of us need(s) nursing or memory care and is (are) not competent to make appropriate decisions, our wish is to be placed into a facility that offers a full continuum of care and a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

If at that time we own a pet or pets, we would prefer a facility that allows us to keep them with us.

Recipients: Melanie Witt (Attorney), Anne Stevens & Dale Rudy (Northern Trust Financial Advisors), David Buyer M.D., Barbara Gaines (Healthcare POA), Toni Golab (Executive Assistant), Johanne Seaton & Madeline Holz (Back-up POAs).